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Here in the state of Florida, we are well accustomed to getting the news that severe weather is on its way. Hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal deviations, and sudden downpours of heavy rain can all lead to intense bouts of flooding, which then leads to disastrous consequences for our private residences and commercial properties. Natural weather conditions are not the only cause of our water damage worries, however. Old burst pipes or small leaks in the crevices of building walls and ceilings can also cause severe harm to the infrastructure of buildings, whether causing a huge flood or leading to subtle but still hazardous mold growth.

If your residence or commercialized service is suffering from any form of water damage, you will need solutions from a professional water damage restoration team in Pensacola. Delaying is never a good option for any form of restoration, but especially in the case of water damage, delays only create worse issues. At All Clear Restoration, we can work together on thoroughly cleaning your building and appliances from any water damage.

Call us today at (800) 809-5136 to get some control back in your life by restoring your property to its original state.

When to Call a Technician for Water Damage

Many people assume that they should only contact water damage technicians if their homes or businesses have several inches of water flooding a room. Making this assumption will not only cost a lot of time and effort in restoration but can also lead to thousands of extra dollars in damages should problems be exacerbated by mold growth or warped flooring.

Whether you notice damp carpets along the office hallways or odd moisture stains around the corners of a bedroom ceiling, it is high time to get ahold of a professional water damage team. Time and again, we have repeatedly discovered that those who attempt to “wait it out” and let properties dry naturally on their own eventually still need to get emergency help, except the damage done is much deeper and more difficult to remove.

Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage can often times be very difficult to catch at its early stages. It's beneficial to your and your home to be on the look out for early signs as to whether you home is suffering from water damage. Below you'll find 3 clear indicators that your home is experiencing water damage.

  • Obvious Discoloration -
    Discolored spots on your wall or your ceiling is usually a clear sign that your home is suffering from water damage. Stains will look darker than the original color of the wall, dark brown, dark yellow, or even orange. Give us a call today if you notice these discolored spots.
  • Strange Odor -
    Have you ever left your laundry in the washer over night and when you open the lid the next day, you are met with a strange musk smell? This is the smell of moisture sitting and cultivating, which is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you are smelling this musk odor in certain areas of your home, it could be that excess water has been sitting somewhere in your walls and has started to mold. Call us today if you notice this odd odor.
  • Standing Water -
    Standing water is always a good indicator that you may be experiencing water damage. Clean up the puddle and check back again later to see if it has reappeared. If this is the case, you probably have a leak somewhere that is causing water damage to your home.

Full Process of Drying Your Property

When it comes to restoring your property to its complete state of normalcy, one of the biggest tasks is actually thoroughly drying everything out. While the act of “drying” may seem simple and natural, when it comes to drying entire properties, both residential and commercial, it is not enough to simply let things dry out on their own. Inevitably, moisture will remain trapped in crevices along and under the surface, which not only leads to mold but a direct weakening of architectural infrastructure.

The process of completely drying your property has several key steps, including:

  • Detailed scrutiny and careful assessment of the extent of water damage
  • Complete removal of any pools of water or collected drainage
  • Application of anti-microbial substances to prevent bacteria, mold, and fungal growth
  • Drying by use of air movement, to blow larger droplets and collected moisture from tight spaces
  • Drying through dehumidification, returning the moisture of the atmosphere to its correct balance
  • Frequent monitoring to make sure that mold does not begin to grow, or moisture regather

Specially Trained Technicians

At All Clear Restoration, we make sure that our entire team is equipped with the most advanced tools and technology of the industry’s most up-to-date drying innovations. We even require every one of our employees to take rigorous courses to ensure that they are ready to handle every water damage restoration issue in Pensacola and beyond.

Benefits of Professional Water Damage Restoration:

  • Quick Restoration -
    It's very important to get your water damage addressed quickly and efficiently as it can create unlivable situation in your home or business. We will make sure to make any necessary repairs and clean up the water as well as dry the area within a very short amount of time. This will help get your home or business back in working order fast.
  • Safe Mold Remediation -
    After a home has experienced water damage, you often will deal with mold as well. Most molds are toxic or have irritating allergens and removing this mold by yourself may be dangerous. Contact our professional team of water damage experts for the help you need.

Contact us now at (800) 809-5136 to get support with any of your water damage catastrophes immediately.

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