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Water damage of any type can be distressing, but this is particularly the case if you are dealing with areas that require heavy-duty drying. If your residence or commercial building has recently suffered from severe flooding due to a tornado, a hurricane, intense rains, or even overflow from broken pipes, the water damage can be so extensive that it does not just harm your property at the surface level but goes deep into the walls and insulation.

In these scenarios, typical drying methods will only skim the top of the deeper underlying issues, much like placing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. In the event of such a catastrophe, you will require much more extensive support in restoring your property. Do not panic if you have experienced heavy flooding like this, but be assured that our specialty drying services in Pensacola can perfectly fit all your needs. Our team at All Clear Restoration has cutting-edge, advanced equipment to tackle the most extreme cases of water damage and dry them out completely.

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Drying Out Even the Most Difficult Spaces

Often the areas that are most damaged by flooding are simultaneously the most difficult to reach. Insulation within walls and under floors, as well as spaces in vents and voids throughout the house infrastructure, often trap moisture, causing mold and bacteria growth, as well as structural damage. However, because these spaces are so hard to reach, many builders and drying contractors are unable to offer real solutions simply because they do not have the complex knowledge involved to delicately access these difficult spaces, and even unnecessarily remove entire walls and floors. Other companies may have the theoretical knowledge, but unfortunately do not have the high-tech equipment to accomplish the drying required.

Fortunately, at All Clear Restoration, we have both the training and the tools to fully utilize the most advanced drying mechanizations in the tightest of spots. Our high-pressure drying vacuums are especially excellent at completely dissipating any moisture. These vacuums shoot out hot, dry air into any spaces, cavities, insulation, or drywall itself. The amazing benefit of this is that these tough spaces are thoroughly dried without disrupting your residence’s structure or the layout of your commercial building. Best of all, this method saves you lots of wasted time and money.

Locations & Spaces We Can Dry Out

You may be dubious about the extent of our specialty drying techniques. Can anyone truly reach that impossible crevice or space beneath the floorboards or behind several layers of insulation? We are here to assure you that we can do this, and we will. We can also support you with this drying even in non-traditional locales, such as on houseboats or raised balconies.

Just a few examples of types of spaces we have proven success in drying include:

  • Areas including a floating floor
  • Voids between walls, under floors, and above ceilings
  • Cavities along with wall insulation of cavities
  • Wooden, tiled, and laminate floors
  • Underneath walls, molding, and panels

High-Tech Equipment for Maximum Services

We are not only one of the biggest specialty drying firms in the United States, but one of the largest in the entire continent of North America. This has given us access to the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, no matter what your specialty drying needs are in Pensacola, we assure you we can handle it quickly, drying millions of square feet with our huge fleet of custom-built desiccant dehumidification units.

Contact us now at (800) 809-5136 so that the All Clear Restoration team can expedite your restoration without any hassle.

  • IAQA
  • RIA (Restoration Industry Association)
  • Home Advisor Top Rated
  • Home Advisor Screened and Approved
  • Home Advisor Elite Service
  • NETI (National Environment Training Institute)
  • IOT (Certified Mold Technician)
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